Seize the moment. Pass immigration reform.


The Top 10 #iMarch Highlights

Thanks to your help, the Senate passed the immigration bill. Here's a video recap of what we were able to achieve.


      Largest Ever Virtual March for Immigration Reform.

      In just two days, over 30,000 Tweets, Facebook posts, and phone calls pushed Congress to pass immigration reform.


      Pass the Baton.

      We executed the first ever online event relay, covering two days with Twitter chats, Reddit AMA's, Google Hangouts, HuffPost LIVE segments, Facebook Q&A's, and livestreams.


      Largest Political Thunderclap in History.

      On Wednesday, we released a flood of Tweets and Facebook posts reaching more than 45 million people in an instant.


      Both Parties Unite.

      @BarackObama retweeting @JebBush. Senator Schumer retweeting Grover Norquist. What's going on? The #iMarch brought together both parties to push for immigration reform. It's a long list including Mayors Bloomberg, Booker, Lee, Emanuel, and Menino, Governors Snyder, Brown, and Inslee; Senators Flake, Gillibrand, and Warren; Representatives Issa, Gutierrez, Lofgren, and many many more.


      Breaking New Digital Ground.

      Senate Majority Leader Reid and Senator Schumer released their first-ever Vine messages in support of the #iMarch. Senator Patty Murray released her second.


      Tech Makes an Impact.

      In one of its largest showings of force since SOPA-PIPA, tech leaders from Steve Case to Padmasree Warrior and companies from Mashable to Yahoo all came together to push Congress on reform.


      Merging Digital and Real World Activism.

      Live events in NYC, Austin, San Antonio, and San Francisco rallied the tech community in support of immigration reform.


      Celebrities Speak.

      In a Twitter townhall, Governor Schwarzenegger rallies supporters in support for immigration reform. Other celebrities joining the #iMarch include Russell Simmons, MC Hammer, Rosario Dawson, Wilmer Valderrama, and Baron Davis.


      The DREAMers #iMarch.

      Perhaps there's no better argument for immigration reform than the experience of DREAMers. They made their case with a live screening of "The Dream is Now," a Google Hangout with the DREAMers from the film, and separate virtual events with Gaby Pacheco, Voto Latino, and LATISM.



      Leaders from Jim Wallis to Ralph Reed joined the #iMarch and made the faith-based case for immigration reform -- capped off with a Google Hangout with @Sojourners, @WorldRelief, @NHCLC and others.

And this is just the beginning.
We're going to keep #iMarch'ing

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